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Here are some possible slogans:
1. Unlimited scanning possibilities, HS1800 negative film scanner, makes your pictures more accurate and efficient!
2. One-swipe, the HS1800 film scanner helps you realize digital image management easily!
3. The color reproduction is more realistic, and the HS1800 film scanner makes every pixel unique!
4. Professional quality, excellence, HS1800 film scanner, to present you with the best scanning effect!
5. Accurate and high-speed scanning, the HS1800 film scanner will increase your work efficiency several times!
6. Fully connected, HS1800 film scanner makes your pictures available anytime and anywhere! 7. Stylish, efficient and accurate, HS1800 film scanner can solve scanning problems for you!

LDS Machine

LDS MACHINE makes double-sided photo album printing easy and efficient! Our high-precision LDS806 laser color expansion equipment simplifies the process and with professional software and guidance, even beginners can produce high-quality albums. Boost productivity and unlock new business opportunities with LDS MACHINE, your trusted printing assistant!


SP3000 scanner can record precious moments and pass on beautiful memories.Its unique design, exceptional scan quality and long life make it easy to save and share your precious.

Frontier 570

FRONTIER 570 laser color expansion and printing equipment adopts leading laser technology and high-precision color control system to accurately restore every color detail at the highest level. Equipped with laser exposure technology, it has high definition and great sense of reality, while being environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which meets the requirements of modern sustainable development. Based on providing users with excellent printing quality.

FRONTIER 570 can present more realistic and vivid images, achieve an unimaginable printing experience, and meet all the needs of users!

FRONTIER 570 - silver salt color expansion machine laser equipment, leading the development of the industry, excellent image quality, recording wonderful moments.

Noritsu 37

Showcase of the Noritsu 37 series machines' operation.

Frontierlp 5000r

FRONTIERLP5000R(FRONTIER 500) is a high-quality digital photo laser silver salt color enlarger with fast printing speed and excellent print quality. It is particularly suitable for professional users such as photo studios and portrait photographers.

Fully automatic photo album machine

Weak solvent eight color HD printer

Weak solvent printing, environmentally friendly high definition printing, fuller colors and more environmentally friendly!"

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