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HD81300 High Definition Printer

Short Description:

HD81300 High Definition Printer [Maximum speed up to 20m/h]

Machine Model: 8130 – Eight-color machine

Printing Nozzle:

Type: Image-level industrial printhead

Quantity: Single Printing Accuracy: 3200DPI

Printing Speed: 720x120D High-definition mode B – 9.6m/h

Heating Method: Three-stage heating – Front, middle, and rear

Ink Type: Weak solvent, dye, pigment

Nozzle Cleaning: Automatic cleaning, automatic flash spraying and moisturizing function

Printing Width: 1300mm

Printing Media: Photo paper, composite PP, canvas,

leather Color Mode: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, LK, LLK (compatible with OR) Material

Supply Method: Roll-to-roll

Photo Formats: JPG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, etc.

System Configuration: CPU: Core i5 or higher Memory: SSD 8GB or higher

Working Environment: Hard Drive: At least 120GB fast (7200 RPM) hard drive (where maintop is located)

Monitor: 156-inch flat display

Drying Configuration:

Heating system: External drying system,

Harvesting system: Automatic roll system

Power Requirements: 50/60Hz, 220W, 10A

Temperature Requirements: Temperature: 15°C-30%, Humidity: 35%-65%

Machine Size: 2270*920*1520mm Machine

Weight: 188KG

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