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Ebang photo album maker hot sell

Have you ever struggled with the stickiness and alignment of the mounting paper when making a photo album?
Now, the automatic butterfly photo album maker will help you get rid of these troubles. Advanced infrared automatic alignment technology can accurately locate the size and position of the photo to ensure more accurate installation.
It also has an intelligent temperature control system that can heat the adhesive stably even in high temperature and high humidity environments.
In addition, the butterfly wing design of the automatic butterfly photo album maker makes your photo album more exquisite. With one touch, the photo album unfolds into beautiful memories, providing both visual and tactile enjoyment.
Now, choose the automatic butterfly framed photo album maker to better show your creativity and artistic sense in the photo album.
Highlights of our new fully automatic photo album machine include:
1. Easy operation and maintenance, convenient size switching, compatible with various interlayers of different materials;
2. Low cost advantage, saving labor;
3. Imported hot melt adhesive raw materials are used, which have the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-aging, and can better protect the album;
4. Provide a mounting production plan, which is convenient for users to make picture albums;
5. Innovative spine alignment mechanism, automatic length measurement, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the album;
6. Automatic feeding, double-sheet detection, and indentation folding technology make album production more efficient and accurate. The fully automatic photo album all-in-one machine is a full-featured, easy-to-operate and maintain photo album making machine.

It adopts innovative technology and design concepts to provide domestic and foreign customers with better production experience and more exquisite photo album effects.

The features:
This product are very prominent, with the following advantages:
1.It is easy to operate and maintain, easy to use, and can conveniently switch sizes, and can use interlayers of different materials.
2. Low cost and labor saving, which can save the cost of the enterprise and improve the production efficiency.
3. Imported hot-melt collagen material has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-aging, so as to ensure the quality and service life of the product.
4. For the production plan of the mounted album, according to different needs and requirements, the plan can be formulated flexibly to meet the needs of users.
5. The original spine alignment mechanism and automatic length measurement can improve production efficiency and quality, and save time and cost.
6. With the functions of automatic paper feeding, double sheet detection and crease folding, it can quickly and accurately complete various production tasks and improve production efficiency.

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Post time: May-16-2023