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Noritsu Blue/Green laser gun

Short Description:

Noritsu Blue/Green laser gun with Type A/B/F DRIVER PCB for QSS3201/3301/3401/3501/LPS24pro digital minilabs brand new
Our company produces low-power, high stability, low noise, semiconductor lasers and laser drivers that are applicable to a variety of fields,including industrial alignment, laser imaging, and biomedical applications.
Key features:
1. High power stability, with power stability below 1%, 2%, or 5%.
2. Customizable wavelength range from 405 to 520 nm and 635 to 690 nanometers.
3. Achieves wavelength accuracy within 5 nanometers over a wide temperature range of 10°C to 40°C. Has high wavelength stability (<0.2 nm).
4. High-speed APC circuit technology enables rise times of 1 microsecond.
5. Provides analog modulation with modulation frequencies up to 1 MHz.
6. Compact size, lightweight, and long service life.

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