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Noritsu QSS-3203SD Digital laser printer

Short Description:

Minilab features
Laser exposure unit minilab Noritsu QSS-32 Digital Laser exposure unit
Minilabs QSS-32 series are equipped with a Noritsu laser exposure unit, which provides a bright, colorful prints of 300dpi resolution at digital paper, and on ordinary photographic paper.

Panoramic images of large size
(the new maximum length – up to 36 inches)
Panoramic images Noritsu QSS-32 Digital All minilabs QSS-32 series have the ability to print the new maximum size prints up to 305x914mm (12×36 “), which can be used for print advertising banners, group photos, etc. This new service will give you a huge competitive advantage, as the size of prints twice ordinary maximum size 305x457mm (12×18 “).

Triple paper magazine system (optional)
Triple paper magazine system of Noritsu QSS-32 Digital Standard system of two paper cassettes will allow you to increase productivity by printing multiple formats without changing the cassette, and an optional system of three cassettes will give you more options.
Graphic Interface of minilab Noritsu QSS-32 Digital Easy operation

QSS-3201/3202/3203/3211/3212/3213 have the same graphical interface as well as other digital minilabs QSS, which makes operation easier for users of QSS, as well as for beginners. All you need to do is click on the appropriate icon on the screen.
In addition to the simplicity of the interface, reduced maintenance requirements and many other functions, saving time and energy, which also helps to ensure easy and pleasant operations.

High-speed printing with both film and from digital media
Wide range of minilabs QSS-32 series offers a choice between three different performance. Minilabs QSS-3203Digital and QSS-3213Digital, for example, give a capacity up to 1,620 prints per hour (film / digital data). One of the attractive features of minilabs series QSS-32 – the same high speed printing with both from film and from digital media that allows you to quickly maintain order and with the optical, and digital sources.

Proprietary technology Noritsu optimizing images. Modern minilabs have a tendency to excessive correction of excessive over-saturation and sharpness. Noritsu Technology can fully realize the potential of photo paper and get the optimal picture quality. In order to meet the needs of clients in the software is the possibility of subtle adjustments.
DIGITAL ICE technology used in the QSS-32 series of minilabs automatically detects and removes dust and scratches on the film substrate. Option – Digital Masking Software – automatically adjusts the scratches in the emulsion layer of film.


Noritsu offers not only almost standard simply correction of an under-and overexposed scenes, but also the possibility of automatic correction of blurred and damaged negatives, as well as subjects with the wrong white balance. The new color correction of aberrations, non-uniform brightness across the field frame and geometric distortions.

Noritsu QSS-3202 Digital
There are three levels of correction overly compressed JPEG files. The result is a minimum level of digital noise and artifacts.

Noritsu QSS-3202 Digital
Additional features
To minilab Noritsu QSS-32 Series Digital, you can connect computer, some other equipment or install software to increase capacity and provide more digital services.
Below is a list of some digital services, which may be provided, and options that will make this service possible.

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Minilabs QSS-32 series are equipped with a Noritsu laser exposure unit, which provides a bright, colorful prints of 300dpi resolution at digital paper, and on ordinary photographic paper.
Noritsu QSS-3202SD Digital
Performance: 3201/3211 - 900 print/h, 3202/3212 - 1286 print/h, 3203/3213 - 1620 print/h, (size 127*89 mm. Print Resolution:300 dpi. Maximum paper width - 12 inches (305 mm).
In addition to the standard maximum size 305x457 cm, it is possible to print double-length prints - 305x914 mm (12x36")
Dual- paper magazine system increases the operating efficiency of equipment, allowing you to print multiple formats without changing the paper cassette.

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